School Time

School Time 1.0.3

Go on a learning journey with the School Time app

With School Time for kids there are 5 individual games. The Android app can be played at school and at home. The activities provided help prepare kids for school with ideas and tips that are useful, practical and fun. Healthy learning concepts are introduced into the games, along with important life skills. The app features the following:

1. Packing a lunch box

Take a packed lunch to school and have fun preparing it. Learn the best tips for making sandwiches with healthy basic ingredients, adding favourite sauces and extras to the sandwich. Finish off with healthy snacks like fruit - but don't forget to include a sweet treat!

2. Holding a tea party

What better idea than to hold a tea party in the school playground? Find and prepare the spot, invite friends and serve tea and cake. Before leaving, clean up the area for a healthy environment.

3. Visiting the doctor

When minor injuries occur in school time, e.g. a skateboarding accident, learn how to get and administer basic first aid. Learn how to prevent future accidents and how to make injured people feel better.

4. Tidying up the desk

At the end of the school day, spring clean the desk, throwing away unwanted items. Learn the best ways to clean and the best tools for the job. Finally, create the best desk in the world, with books, toys and other bright accessories.

5. Have fun with stickers

Every time a new level's reached, a sticker is earned and collecting these to stick on a blackboard's great fun!

With this fun School Time app, the school day's enhanced and built upon, so that the learning journey for kids takes place at home, as well as at school and they gain practical and creative ideas.

School Time


School Time 1.0.3

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